It’s Wednesday!

And we all know what that means…NEW COMICS!  Some of my personal pull list for this week:

  • Age of Ultron #8 – I’m really enjoying the chaos of this storyline, I’m looking forward to how it all ends.
  • Battlestar Galactica #1 – Based on the original show (my favorite, btw), you can’t go wrong with Abnett and Lanning writing.
  • Supergirl #20 – C’mon, the Superman guy not reading Supergirl?  Are you nuts?
  • AMETHYST #8 – I don’t care what the heck the title of the book is, I call it AMETHYST.  Really fun book.
  • Nightwing #20 – It’s Nightwing for Pete’s sake, why wouldn’t you be reading it?
  • Legion of Super-Heroes #20 – Really upset they are cancelling this book, whatever they have cooked up for the Legion better be awesome!
  • He-Man and The Masters of The Universe #2 – He-Man!  In a comic!  Undiluted fun!

Being a long time comic reader, Wednesday is a pretty fun and awesome day.  I always loved going to the comic shop, getting my sub, checking the wall for stuff I wanted to give a shot.  I also enjoyed just coming into the shop and talking to the guys behind the counter about the latest happenings in the super-hero world.  Working here now, it’s always cool to see the regulars, shoot the breeze for a bit, and maybe turn them on to a new book or two.

It’s Comic Book Day!


Thanks to SC Tech Company